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History Holzbildhauer Baur


Black Forest Showroom

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It is with great pride that my family has begun a third generation of Baur woodcarvers! Reinhold, Ludwig and myself attribute our skills to grandfather Josef Baur (and my namesake!). He was a cabinetmaker and crafted fine furniture and decor. He was also an inspiration for our father Anton, who began his own business after obtaining his Master License at Furtwangen, a carving school in the Black Forest. He specialized in Black Forest and Alpine Relief, cuckoo clocks and furniture such as lamps and coffee tables. Now Reinhold and I have followed in my father's footsteps while Ludwig became a cabinetmaker like our grandfather.

Today, we complement each other: Ludwig helps me in the initial carving steps, while Reinhold handpaints my finished works.



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I only use Limewood (called Basswood in America and also known as lindenwood)- a light but strong wood perfect for a lasting piece of art. But it takes years to prepare the wood for the carver.

First the trunk is cut to different thicknesses and placed in an outside shelter outside to air dry. After 3 - 5 years, the planks are then sawed lengthwise and finally glued to the desired measurements.

I then transfer my initial sketch to the wood block.

Now the work really begins! First, I block out the work with a large carving knife (Schnitzermesser). Then, I refine the figure with an ornament carving knife (Zierschnitzer- messer). It takes about 1 day for the smaller pieces, 2 days for larger pieces; and then I have my finished piece!

Carvings can be left in the natural wood, stained, or refined with different colors. (water soluble, oil, acrylic, or gold-leaf)

Waxing, varnishing or oiling complete the figure- and now it is ready for your wall or alcove!

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